A strident man,

 a cool, mysterious peson with the wrinkles on forehead can be attractive,

 but I want to be someone cheerful and lucky always. 

Don't forget the smile.

 Good luck will cling on your smile while you have a great expression on your face.

 Try to keep smile today!

 Jewelries, shopping, downtown and orange are lucky today!


"Keep the Kimon-line clean"

 Huge fortune wave is surging upon us from Kimon-line(the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house).

 Keep your home's,and room's Kimon-line clean 

and call in happiness.

 You will be also blessed with property and real estate then.

 Shrine, interiour accessories, plaid patterns and yellow are lucky today!


"Save luck and money"

 Saving money is a lucky action to save luck.

 17.February is the "Kinensai" (prayer service for a good crop).

 It is the best season for saving money from today to the equinoctial week.

 Put a saving box in your room to save a snug fortune and let's get started with the "saving Feng shui"!

 Wallet, saving box, shrine, egg dishes and gold are lucky today!


"Don't mind, don't care"

 Be indifferent to abuses and criticisms from the others.

 It is waste to care about it and be depressed.

 Don't be entrapped by someone, and don't waste your time on trifles!

 A lucky person "doesn't mind, and doesn't care."

 Japanese confectioneries, white, fish dishes, yellow, wallet and saving box are lucky today!


"Find yourself, and make the best use"

 Make the best use of yourself and 

reveal  your hidden talents.

 Try to looking for that.

 Finding yourself is fun!

 Work goods, leather accessories, blue, green and Sushi are lucky today!


" The prayer festival"

 Have you already written the prayer book?

 Write down your wish and go see the God to a shrine tomorrow.

 I will hold a prayer festival at my shrine in Setagaya,Tokyo 

from 12:00 tomorrow.

 It is expected be cold. Please wrap yourself up well and come to see me and the God.

 In the afternoon is the Feng shui consultation meeting in Ginza Copa shop.

 Gold, mirror, popular shops and fish dishes are lucky today!


" The prayer festival"

 Have you already written the prayer book?

 Write down your wish and go see the God to a shrine tomorrow.

 I will hold a prayer festival at my shrine in Setagaya,Tokyo 

from 12:00 tomorrow.

 It is expected be cold. Please wrap yourself up well and come to see me and the God.

 In the afternoon is the Feng shui consultation meeting in Ginza Copa shop.

 Gold, mirror, popular shops and fish dishes are lucky today!


"Clear up"

 Clean and arrange your personal environment suitably.

 A different idea than usual will come to you then,

 and different people will gather aroud you.

 11.Feb. is the next prayer festival at my shrine in Tokyo.

 Think about your wisn in a clean environment.

 Leather accessories, interior accessories, Tofu dish and blue are lucky today!


"I have fun"

 Create pleasant things by yourself.

 Luck doesn't come over naturally.

 So stop complaining and try to find pleasant things

 "to have fun".

 It is green everywhere at the show windows in Ginza!

 Green, leather accessories and jewelries are lucky today!


"Let's get started"

 Things you have wanted to do for a long time,

 Things you have been interested in,

 Things you like to do, you have longed to do....

 Why don't you start them?

 11. Feb. is the next prayer festival at my shrine.

 It is a chance to ask the God for your dreams come true!

 Shopping, lavender, leather accessories, prayer book and Sushi rolls are lucky today!


"Be fussy about luck"

 Tomorrow is "Setsubun"(the traditional end of winter),

 and the day after tomorrow is "Risshun"(the first day of spring).

 I'm giong to be more particular about luck this week than usual.

 I start the week with the auspicious Monday walk.

 Then I will clean up, arrange soybeans and Measure

 for the bean-scattering ceremony tomorrow.

 Sashimi, Tofu, Pink, wallet and jewelries are lucky today!


"Carefully, and kindly"

 Today is the end of January.

 Time flies.

 Time goes by so fast,

 so I will live carefully, and be kind to everybody.

 Steak, interior goods, green and leather accessories are lucky today!


"Reconsider your own self"

 Today the 30th, is the last work day generally.

 Reconsider your start of this year

 and score yourself.

 No matter how your score turns out,

 clean up the Kimon-Line((the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house) during this weekend.

 "Cleaning up quickly" is the lucky action until "Setsubun"(3.Feb. the traditional end of winter).

 Get a new wallet, work goods,

 and don't forget to put the sheep figure on the Kimon-line!

 Yellow, lavender, Chinese food and wallet are lucky today!


"Get leave"

 Keep on working all the time makes you to a person

 without the room.

 You will become dull and dry.

 Go out to play sometimes.

 And stop to furrow your brow!

 One-pot dish, yellow and Sushi rolls are lucky today!


"Make the joy to delight"

 Share the joy with everybody.

 The joy will spread out then, and will come back to you

 as a big delight.

 My horse Copa no Ricky won a race again yesterday!

 Lavender, music, dance and Chirashi-sushi(sushi dish served in a bowl, and decorated with seafood) are lucky for this Monday!


"Purchase good luck"

 Health, money, good relationships...

 Sow seeds of luck during the coldest season.

 I will introduce a wallet and saving box today from 11:00 am

 in Shop channel.

 Purchase the seeds of good luck!

 Sashimi(raw fish), Japanese Sake, pink and shopping are lucky today!


"I am glad"

 Express joy by the words of gratitude.

 The words "I am glad" have also the power to call in pleasant things.

 "I am glad" that I'm healthy and can work well

 although I am busy.

 Jewelries, gold, white and fried dishes are lucky today!


"The egg and water of "Daikan"(the coldest day) will raise your luck with money"

 Take the luck with money in to your body.

 Get yourself a new wallet, jewelry or work goods and warm up the luck 

by "Risshun"(the beginning of spring).

 Egg, water, wallet, shrine and jewelries are lucky today!


"Do what you decided"

 This is the week to raise your luck with money.

 大寒"Daikan"(the coldest season)sets in from tomorrow.

 I will draw the water of "Daikan" tomorrow early in the morning 

at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

 Life can be hard sometimes,

 But still doing what you conceive to be your duty leads to the luck with money.

 "Daikan water" and a "Daiken egg"are the best lucky Items to raise your luck with money!

 It is also a good timing to starst to use a new jewelry or wallet.

 "Oden"(a Japanese food of stewed ingredients), One-pot dish, lavender and yellow are lucky today!


"Become popular"

 After you talked big,

 make it to the"Truth comes out of falsehood".

 The first thing you do is becomeing popular among your friends,

 and gather wonderful people around you.

 It is not hard to gather great people if you are popular.

 The effective Feng shui action for that is

 to put a mirror and a foliage plant to the south.

 Popularity helps.

 Green, potato dish, leather accessories and shopping are lucky today!


"Build trust"

 Familiy, friends, fellow workers...

 With more trust and faith, you can improve the relationship

 with them.

 Try to eat "Yudofu"(a Japanese cuisine, bean curd boiled in thin broth) together.

 That'll also let man and woman relations progress.

 Yudofu(and Tofu), brown, bag and leather accessories are lucky today!


"Be particular about winning"

 "Be particular" is one of the theme in 2015.

 Don't try to make a compromise with the result when you lose,

 but feel chagrined at the failure 

and aim for higher things.

 Being paticular about winning is also one way of great thinking.

 But don't forget to wrap this "particularity" with smile, and be always kind.

 Mess, pink, yellow shopping and shrine are lucky for this Monday!


"Be a clutch person"

 Relationship, career, examination...

 A person who can exert daily effort in the clutch

 is the strongest.

 The life is a series of games.

 If you do not drill at other times, you get confused in the moment of action.

 Training tells in the moment of peril.

 One-pot dish, yellow, lavendar and jewelries are lucky today!


"Draw the luck of 2015 to you"

 A lucky family belongs to the lucky home.

 The luck of 2015 will come from "Kimon-line"((the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house).

 Clean up this area in your house, and put the zodiac figure of sheep or something in lucky colors!(green, yellow, gold)

 Pink, cologne, "Udon"(Japanese wheat noodle) and a date are lucky today!



 The Festival of Seven Herbs or Nanakusa no sekku (Japanese: 七草の節句) is the long-standing Japanese custom of eating seven-herb rice porridge (nanakusa-gayu) on January 7.

 The seventh of the first month has been an important Japanese festival since ancient times. The custom of eating nanakusa-gayu on this day, to bring longevity and health intended to ward off evil. Since there is little green at that time of the year, the young green herbs bring color to the table and eating them suits the spirit of the New Year.

 Seven-herb rice porridge (nanakusa-gayu), shrine, department store and gold are lucky today!


"Do not expose it to the wind of seven herbs"

 The new Year's decorations like Sacred Shinto straw rope or New Year's pine and bamboo decorations should be put away tonight.

 Tomorrow is the "The seven herbs" (January 7).

 So today is the last day of New Year's week.

 A good start will make a good year.

 So try to spend a good day today to make a good start!

 Curry, beer, shopping and pink are lucky today!


"Start to work with good luck"

 Start to use the new work goods from today.

 The recommended colors are of course yellow, green and gold!

 Call or write an e-mail to greet the people who has the luck.

 That'll raise your luck,make you able to labor at the task this year.

 Tempura bowl, shopping, popular shops and green are lucky today!


"Work with all your might"

 Today is the last business day of the year.

 Express the gratitude to your workplace

 and work with all your might today.

 And don't forget to clean up your desk

 and put the zodiac figure of sheep!

 Cleaning up, Sukiyaki, one-pot dish and white are lucky today!


"Have a fun time with friends"

 There aren't many days left this year,

 and tomorrow is the last business day of the year for most of us.

 I'm picing up a theme everyday at this end of the year.

 Today is going to be a day I meet friends I want to see

 and have fun times with them.

 Even in my little spare moments between works.

 Present, jewelries, leather accessories, chicken dish and yellow are lucky today!


"Theme of the day"

 The lucky action from today to the new year's eve is,

 picing up a theme everyday and following that.

 Today is 冬至"Touji"(winter solstice).

 Today's theme would be looking back on the year.

 Spend the time quietly on winter solstice,

 look back on the year and reflect upon yourself.

 With those reflections, start to make preparations for coming new year.

 Yuzu bath (bathwater prepared with yuzu citrus fruits), pumpkin, noodles and orange are lucky today!


"Whip up the luck"

 Buy a lottery sometimes 

to try your luck.

 Year-End Jumbo Lottery tickets are on Sale in Japan.

 It is effective to stimulate the rotting luck with money!

 You should use up all luck of this year

 to make some space to call in new luck for next year.

 Lotteries, wallet, One-pot dish, Japanese Sake and white are lucky today!


"With good feelings"

 Spend time with good feelings,

 and without being swayed by other people.

 Change your charm-solt in the portable purifying salt case

 to renew your feelings!

 Potato dish, leather accessories, cleaning up and camel colors are lucky today!


"Roll up your sleeves"

 Living everyday to the fullest this week

 leads to the satisfactory result of this year.

 Don't catch a cold, there is no time for that.

 Give yourself and the family a reward 

for working hard next week.

 Udon(Japanese wheat noodles), pink, a date and 

scarf are lucky today!



 Complaints decrease if you laugh aloud,

 and the misfortune and unhappiness will run away from you.

 There will be only fortune and happiness left.

 "Inari-sushi"(flavored or vinegared boiled rice wrapped in fried bean curd), jewelries, yellow and shopping are lucky for this Saturday!


"It's a great day"

 Dine with your friends.

 Drink, eat, laugh together,

 and relief yourself from stress.

 With fun friends 

you are sound in both mind and body.

 Make a "great" day.

 Curry, green, shopping and Japanese confectioneries are lucky today!


"The maximum effort"

 Do your utmost sometimes.

 Challenge your dream, career and love with all your might,

 otherwise the luck inside your body will rust together...

 Going out, Sukiyaki, yellow and a date are lucky today!


You can't find the time to do what you like.

 Or you can't take any spare time at all.

You need some time to feel relieved especially in this 師走("Shiwasu", another name of December, is still frequently in use today to 

describe busy time at the end of the year).

 Time to be relieved and do what you like is necessary to bring your head, soul and heart to life again.

 Make the time to reward yourself.

 Japanese Sake, buckwheat noodles, white and bath time are lucky today!


"Make the future"

 ZEN feng shui is very profound.

 And the racehorse owner way as well.

 Don't leave the result as "not too bad",

 but make it to the chance to work towards your dream.

 Restore your spirits,

 and start to create the future.

 A walk, green, leather accessories, a mess and lotterioes are lucky for this Monday!


"Raise your luck with money"

 The art is simple.

 Just do not put into words "I have no money".

 And don't forget to put the zodiac figure of sheep on the Kimon-line(the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house)!

 Yakitori(grilled chicken), egg dish, pink and bank are lucky today!



 To work hard with a sad expression on your face 

won't make anything wonderful happen to you.

 Clean up the room,

 and call in luck with a great smile on your face.

 Tofu dish, cleaning up, white and interior accessories are lucky today!


"Go in full blast"

 December came on.

 Take up all your luck of this year.

 Live December in full blast,

 then you can complete a satisfying year!

 Tempura, gold, noble metals and shrine are lucky today!


"Dress up with the lucky colors"

 You will get more than your real ability

 when you are fortunate.

 My grandson is already wearing the lucky colors for next year

 which are green and yellow.

 The fashion-color leader of the kindergarden!

 Yellow, knitwear, vegetable salad and mushrooms are lucky today!


"Get rid of mistakes"

 An early action is important.

 Check your unfinished business,

 and take measures to careless mistakes with an early action.

 Red, vinegared dish and work goods are lucky today!


"Just chill and enjoy"

 You will pass out of sight when you get fired up too much.

 Haste and impatience won't produce any forward motion.

 Just relax, and smile.

 Then you can show your real ability.

 Orange, bath articles, scarf and eel are lucky today!


"It is lack of motivation"

 You can not get a satisfactory result,

 or cannot accomplish the purpose.

 Even though the environment is regulated well enough.

 Is there anything you are lacking?

 You already know the answer to that.

 It is your motivation.

 Pickles, Onigiri (rice balls), brown and lavender are lucky today!


"Follow the feeling"

 It's okay to take it easy 

 and just follow your feeling sometimes.

 Feel the autumn breeze

 and release yourself.

 Regain yourself during the holiday,

 and think about your dream, your wish for next year.

 I will hold the next prayer festival on 24.

 Be true to yourself, write dawn your wishes on the prayer book

 and go tell the God your dreams.

 White wine, fish dishes and pink are lucky today!


"The luck with money changes with a wallet"

 The luck with money depends on the wallet

 as I mentioned it in my book.

 Believe it or not,

 a dirty wallet, or a wallet filled up with receipt and unnecessary cards

 cannot call in luck with money.

 Get a new wallet by 24.11. and 

start to use it from 24.

 That may change your fortune wave with money.

 Green, gray, potato dish and leather accessories are lucky today!


"Let's act"

 Stop and think too much won't change anything.

 Let's act.

 That will surely turn out good.

 Work goods, sports, red and pork cutlet are lucky today!


"Figure it out for yourself"

 If you rely on others and let them solve your problems,

 it will recur again.

 Don't run away from it,

 and make maximum efforts.

 It's your life.

 No matter if the outcome is good or bad,

 try to enjoy it!

 Orange, buckwheat noodles, Tempura and a date are lucky today!


"Make an auspicious custom"

 You'll be fine as long as you do this, wear this, eat this

 or go there...

 You should have a custom like that.

 If you continue to do that, it'll become your 吉例"auspicious custom".

 An art to raise your luck.

 Like my auspicious Monday morning walk every week.

 Lavender, green, Oden(a Japanese food of stewed ingredients) and knitwear are lucky for this Monday!


"Grow the luck"

 Today is the 七五三"Shichi-Go-San"(a festival day for children of three, five and seven years of age).

 This is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children 

and pray still more for their health and happiness.

 Same thing for the luck.

 You should appreciate your luck and happiness, and pray for more growth.

 Shrine, photo stand, chiken dish and pink are lucky for this Saturday!


"Clean up to cheer the house"

 A cheerful house will cheer you up.

 When the house feels happy, you will feel happy too.

 Cleaning up is the best lucky action to change the mood.

 Clean up, while you are talking with the house.

 Checkered pattern, yellow, Sukiyaki and cleaning up are lucky today!


"Willingness to learn"

 Decide on something as your theme and research.

 Ask someone your question.

 You don't need to sit down on the desk.

 You can even learn something from a Facebook post,

 an advertisement poster hung in a train, 

or conversation with people.

 A person who is always eager to learn something

 stays young.

 Interior accessories&goods, work goods prawns dish, and green are lucky today!


"Thank you for the support"

 No man can live by and for himself.

 People around you, the nature, money and materials 

are taking care of you.

 Stew, Tofu, pink and hot springs are lucky today!


"Let's challenge"

 The very cute Love-me-chan song is completed

 and we presented it yesterday on the wireless!


 I will sing and dance with this song today together with kindergarten kids!(Dr.Copa)

 White, pizza, leather accessories and tableware are lucky today!


"It finally begins"

 Love-me-chan anniversary.

 Tomorrow, 11.the Tuesday

 We will invite the kindergarten children to the Kasamatsu race course

 and make the winning Monaka(a wafer cake filled with bean jam) together,

 draw, sing and dance with Love-me-chan song.

 Yellow, red, work goods, leather accessories and Sushi are lucky today!


"Raise your luck with tableware"

 Harvest season is the symbol of richness.

 Use the fortunate tableware,

 taste slowly,and carefully

 the new rice and autumnal fruits.

 Yellow, stew, shopping and cleaning up are the lucky action for today!


Today is the 立冬"Ritto"(first day of winter according to Japaese calender).

 A turning point of your fortune wave,

 day of the chance.

 No matter you are lucky or unlucky,

 Your effort will be paid off today.

 "Torii" inside the 門(Gate) is read as 開(open).

 So you may find the good chance to 開運(open your luck) at the shrine today.

 Sukiyaki, Sashimi(raw fish), gold and shrine are lucky for this Thursday!


"A memorial day for better fortune"

 Today is the 115 anniversary of Copaclub.

 Since the Copa-building was completed in Ginza,

 we celebrate 1/15 and 11/5 as the 115 good luck anniversary.

 "115" is the number combination to come to ruling power.

 Shopping, jewelries, Sukiyaki and yellow are lucky for this Wednesday!


"Efforts to raise your luck"

 Your efforts will be fruitless 

when your fortune wave is low.

 Raise your luck first, then your effort will be rewarded easier.

 Prawns&crab dish, gold, mirror and orange are lucky for this Tuesday!


"Enjoy, and win"

 The feelings to enjoy will draw fortune towards you.

 Enjoy everything with smile!

 3 of my horses will run in a race today.

 My special skill.

 Win while enjoying. And enjoy it more.(Dr.Copa)

 Yellow, Sashimi(raw fish), noodles, going out and hot springs are lucky for today!


"Restore your spirits"

 November has come.

 Start something new.

 What you can start right now without spending money

 is renovating your spirits,

 and raise your fortune wave.

 Fruits, vinegared dish, blue and shrine are lucky for this Saturday!


"Be grateful"

 To your fellows, subordinates,

 family, home and household goods...

 There are many people and things you should appreciate.

 Pasta, sweater, shopping and flower pattern are lucky for today!



 The chance is very near.

 Relax and look around your steps,

 then you will see the chance coming.

 Don't get too tense. Relax and take it easy.

 Gold, white, Japanese confectioneries and "Oden"(a Japanese food of stewed ingredients) are lucky today!


"Kindly, and gently"

 Be kind to your family, friends, fellow workers, 

to the surroundings and to yourself,

 to your room and stuffs,

 and of course to your pet.

 To attend to them kindly will make your environment pleasant.

 Pink, curry, bank and shopping are lucky for this Tuesday!


"Take it easy, and try"

 Didn't you have many dreams, and wishes 

when you were a child?

 After you have released your old unnecessary vows (which is called 願ほどき),

 You have a good chance to get one of your childhood's dreams come true.

 You don't really feel like it,

 or you can't find a way to work it out,

 it is physically difficult...etc.

 The answer will be given soon if its doable.

 If it seems to be able to do,

 just give a try

 "a challenge" would sound too overstated,

 just "give a shot"

 Meat dishes, white, lavender and interior accessories are lucky today!


"Life is not easy"

 Life is not always sweet.

 Everybody has their own troubles and pains.

 You should create fun by youself sometimes.

 Music can often give you courage.

 To change the mood, start to use some new work goods!

 New work goods, green, red and music are lucky for today!


Fortune will come from "Kimon-line"(the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house).

 If you feel you are out of luck these days,

 draw luck of 2015, the sheep year in advance into your house.

 It's very simple.

 Clean up the Kimon-line in your house,

 and put something in next year's lucky colors which are

 green, yellow and gold.

 Pink, yellow, cologne and Udon( Japanese wheat noodles) are lucky today!


"Make an awesome day!"

 Is your daily schedule well managed?

 Staying up late without thinking anything can be very charming,

 but you will reconsider it afterwards.

 Are you tasting the joy that the matter went off as it was planned


 The value of the time rises with the consent in addition.

 Lay some pleasant plan for after work, day and night

 to value your time.

 Lavender color, mushrooms, pajamas and leather accessories are lucky today!


"With a new spirit"

 Start the brand new week with a new feeling.

 After the prayer festival at my shrine in Tokyo yesterday,

 your new wish for the coming year has a very good chance to be fulfilled. 

You've already got the luck you need.

 But don't be in a hurry,

 just relax and try to have fun everyday.

 Japanese confectionaries, raw fish, white and gold are lucky for this Monday!


"Go to ask God."

 Ask god without restraint, and with great smile

 that your wish is granted.

 I will hold a prayer festival at the Miyakenomiya-shrine in Tokyo today as the priest.

 Go to the shrine, with a piece of paper where your dreams are written,

 with smile on your face.

 "Kigan-sho"(a writing that contains one's supplications to God)& its holder, wallet, leather accessories, jewelries and noodles are lucky today!


"Fortune has a soft spot for pomp"

 Let's make a gorgeous day.

 try to create a little more gorgeous time, atmosphere and environment

 than usual.

 Fortune has a soft spot for pomp.

 Jewelries, pink, gold and prawns dish are lucky today!


"Be particular about the happiness"

 A person who is understanding can be rarely disliked.

 But don't you think it is important to have a strong preference sometimes,even you can be disliked by people

 "To become happy" has always been my very strong preference.

 Camel color, sandwich and leather accessories are lucky for today!

 I came to worship at the Miyakenomiya-shrine(where I am the priest).

 To keep worshipping is not from insistance, but appreciation to the God.(Dr.Copa)


"You are beautiful"

 Admire someone without hesitation.

 That will make both of you happy.

 "You are beautiful" is the magic word.

 Movies&music, the zodiac figure of sheep and the strap, green, Sushi are lucky for this Tuesday!


"Politely, and carefully"

 Everything will go well.

 Don't panic, don't be upset,

 just persuade yourself that everything will go well.

 Impatience will never bring a good result.

 Another big typhoon is approaching Japan.

 Be carefull, and keep a grip on yourself today.

 Udon noodles, Eel, Sea eel sushi and pink are lucky for today!


Gain over the power of 鬼門"Kimon"

 ("Kimon"line is the straight line connecting the northeast and southwest of the house) 

Interior accessaries are deciding for your fortune.

 Gain over the power of "Kimon" directions to raise your luck.

 "Kimon" is often seen as a unlucky direction, but it is nothing to fear.

 Just keep this line clean in your house, put the purifying salt and zodiac figure of the year.

 Jewelries, shrine, gold, Japanese confectioneries are lucky today!


Harvest season has arrived.

 Pear, Kaki-fruit, grape...

 Autumnal fruits will bring you luck with money.

 They aren't just tasty fruits.

 Eat them to supply yourself with luck with money for one whole year!

 Yellow, Chinese food, beer, green and fruits are lucky for this Friday!


"Gain over the power of moon again"

 We had the 十三夜-Jyusanya-(according to the lunar calendar, the moon on the thirteenth night of September) on 6th.

 The big typhoon was gone in Japan at that night, and we could see a clear moon.

 Today is the total eclipse.

 Gaze the moon and get its mysterious power again.

 It will not only raise your luck with money, love and human relations,

 but help you catching a big dream.

 Talk about your dream with someone tonignt.

 Whiskey, Tempura, bath goods, green and the moonlignt are lucky today!


"Nothing is more important than health"

 Basics of the happiness is health.

 "Health first" stands also for coming 2015, the sheep year's theme for better fortune.

 Be genuinely grateful for your health today,

 and take care of yourself.

 Pizza, shrine, vegetable juice and green are lucky for this Monday!


"Chance is everywhere, everyday"

 There is always a chance for better fortune.

 Have a try, before you turn away from it.

 Give a new challenge to find happiness.

 Green, pasta, orange color and cologne are lucky today!

 I just started learning Bali dance!


"Share the joy"

 Share your joy with someone.

 That will make the joy doubled!

 Pickles, lavender, a bag and the zodiac figure of the year are lucky today!


"Autumn of the love is there"

 Pink is the lucky color of this year.

 Vivid pink will help you to win the heart of your special person.

 Spicy food, "Kigan-sho"(a writing that contains one's supplications to God), shrine, yellow and green are lucky today!


"fortunate person smiles a lot"

 Fortunate people know how to be favored by fortune.

 They are adopting the lucky colors, foods and lucky actions of the year,

 even when they aren't aware of it.

 They care about other people, cost labour and spend money.

 Above all, they can crate a bright atmosphere

 with their smile.

 Smiling is the best lucky action ever.

 Try to live with the best smile today!

 "Makunouchi bento" lunch box, white, smile, interior accessories and a bank are lucky today!


"Become a person with a nice smile"

 Even I, the most cheerful man in Japan, had a hard time

 where I said to myself 


 never forget to smile...

 Happiness hates the wrinkles between the eyebrows.

 Harvest season has began.

 Make it a point to live with a smile today, and tomorrow.

 That makes you prepared to greet this brand-new happy season.

Hamburger steak,Tempura bowl, gold and eyewears are lucky today!


"Red works for a slovenly person"

 Arouse your spirits, motivation and perseverance with 

red color and something sour.

 Vinegared dish, Red, movies and shopping are lucky today!


"Do what you like"

 It is essential to be honest with yourself and do what you like 

to live vivid,

 happy and excited.

 One of the most important key to live happily every day is

 doing what you like.

 You don't even need to be successful or rich

 to do what you like,

 and meet someone you like.

 Shrine and temples, roof floor of any kind of building, potato dish and green are lucky today!


"Go meet someone that you like"

Be honest with yourself,

and find the courage.

Then you can go see someone you like,

and confess your true feeling.

You don't have anyone?

Chanse of a wonderful encounter is everywhere,and everyday,if you open your eyes.

Pasta, mushrooms, orange color and a date are lucky today!


    Today is the "Respect for the Aged Day".
    This national holiday was established in 1966 as a day to respect the elderly and celebrate long life. 

    Originally held on September 15, it originated as a renaming of Old Folks' Day (老人の日 Rōjin no hi).

     In 2003, it was changed to the third Monday of September in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

    One-pot dish, a present, shopping and yellow are lucky today!


"Let's go out"

Let's go out 

and feel the autumn breeze.

 That will make you feel refreshed.

Shopping, Yakitori(grilled chicken), alcoholic beverage and pink are lucky today!


"Life is full of wonderful encounters"

You have to be keeping busy every day in a city like Tokyo.

But stop a little, try to live with time to spare,

 and think about all the miraculous encounters.

Life is full of wonderful encounters.

Steak, white, piled purifying salt and reading are lucky today!


"Moonlight and Kikuzake(sweet tasting chrysanthemum Sake)"

 Today is the chrysanthemum festival.

 Drink the "Kikuzake",and perfume your pillow with chrysanthemum flower 

to escape evel and call in luck.

Moreover, the super moon will come out tonight.

Tonights moon has the most strong power

 if we can see a full moon.

Moonlight, Sake, chrysanthemum, raw fish and yellow are lucky for this chrysanthemum festival day!


"Get the power from the moonlight"

The harvest moon will appear tonight.

I hope we can see a beautiful full moon...

 Expose your new wallet or jewelries to the moon tonight.

 The harvest moon will give you power 

and raise your luck with money, love and human relations.

 Moonlight, wallet, jewelries, work goods and Japanese food are lucky today!


"It wasn't fated to"

The world is full of encounters.

Especially when it comes to romance or marriage.

Work, shopping, the place where you go, Facebook acquaintance ,and a real estate furthermore...

Everything is encounter.

If something goes wrong, try to check from various angles if this is really fated to you.

And it is a method to avoid waste to give things up that is not meant to be.

That increases the chance to draw a new encounter in your life.

Sushi rolls, shopping, lavender color and jewelries are lucky today!


"Revive your luck with money from the summer heat."

The weather is becoming cooler. Have you already recovered from the summer fatigue?

 Lack of aspirations, dull sense, dark expression on your face,sensitive reaction to a sarcasm, or loose concentration...

 Those symptoms come out because you are not healed from the summer fatigue.

And your luck with money may be also tired from the summer heat.

 Luck with money dwells in a new wallet.

 The harvest moon this year wil appear on next Monday, and the following Tuesday is "Choyo no Sekku"(Chrysanthemum Festival). The moonlight of these 2 days has a special power to raise your luck with money.

Expose an unused wallet to the moonlight during this 2 days.

 Bank, Shrines and temples, camel color and Sushi are lucky today!


"Change your mind in a positive way"

 Art to live happily is,

 Changing you focus in a positive way.

 Irritation and worry makes you complain,

 and the complaint brings you misfortune.

 Try to get a change of pace in tough time.

 Sukiyaki, plaid pattern, yellow and interior accessaries are lucky today!


"Don't interrupt the others"

Don't cut in while people are talking or doing some important work.

 You can try not to interrupt them

 even if you cannot be helpful for them.

Try to keep it in mind today!

Tempura bowl, Chirashi-zushi (a style of sushi where the topping is placed on a bed of rice, in a bowl), gold and outing are lucky today!


"Raise your luck with the moonlight in September"

Get yourself some new wallet or jewelries during this week.

The harvest moon will appear on September 8th,

 and the 9th is "Choyo no Sekku" (Chrysanthemum Festival)

 and this will be also the day where the supermoon appears.

 These nights are full of moonlight power.

Expose your new items to the moonlight on 8,9,10th,

 and raise your luck with money and love!

Cleaning up, blue, work goods and fish course are lucky today!


"Live straight"

 Do the things you have decided to do.

 The key to happiness is very simple.

 Keep your word, follow your decision, and just live straight.

Chirashi-zushi (a style of sushi where the topping is placed on a bed of rice, in a bowl), pickles, lavender color and bath time 

for escaping evil are lucky today!


"Be tidy"

Tidy people are loved by good fortune.

 Tidiness is more important than a

 good fashion sense in Feng shui.

Book store, reading, fruits juice and camel color are lucky today! 


"Don't poke your nose into everything"

You don't have to struggle to overcome the things you are not good at.

The key to happiness is,

 just to be yourself,

and play the part which you are good at.

Shopping, Chinese food, beer and pink are lucky today!


"Accumulation of daily efforts become your assets"

You don't need any special talent to make assets.

 Accumulation of daily efforts become your assets.

You can't make assets 

not because of lack of talent, but lack of daily efforts.

Roasted meat, potato, blue, pink and shopping are lucky for today!


" Don't show off" 

 and be true to your feelings.

18th of August is the day to make a new wish  for coming autumn.

Try to think about your true wish without showing off.

Writing it down on a paper will make you understand the present conditions well.

 Go and worship to a shrine with that paper in your pocket.

Miyakenomiya-shrine in Tokyo(where I am the priest) will hold a prayer festival today from 10:00am~12:00.

White, roasted meat, Sushi rolls and shopping are lucky today!

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