Dr.Copa/Sachiaki Kobayashi

Real name: Sachiaki Kobayashi

Birth date: 5.5.1947 Blood type B

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Final academic background: Nihon-University, department of architecture


First class authorized architect

Shinto-priest at renowned Iwami-ichinomiya-mononobe-shirine in Shimane prefecture,Japan

Guest-professor at Aichi technical college(from April.2013)

Horse owner at Japan Racing Association(Director of Tokyo horse owner meeting)

Dr.Copa is an expert of Japanese leading physiognomy of a house and traditional ZEN feng shui .He introduced Japanese Feng shui easy to understand for common people, and became famous with the catch-copy of ”Put yellow in the west.” With his cheerful character and the successful career as a business manager, he is highly required as a lecturer,guest professor and article writer for various media. Lucky-color, lucky-food, and the zodiac figure of the year has a strong influence in every kind of industry in Japan.

He owns the Copa-building in Ginza, and providing ZEN feng shui affected products. He is taking the idea of color and form in products, and the Flagship-shop is a very popular place among ZEN feng shui fans. He is also running his own shopping-program in internet “Copa net channel” He also writes many books about ZEN feng shui, and giving out more than 10 books every year. Some of them became a long-seller which has sold 450million copies in 17 years.

On the other hand, he has a face as a Shinto-priest of Miyakenomiya-shrine in Setagaya, Tokyo. This shrine has the prayer-festival every season, and he gives the “Norito”(congratulatory address) for his fans and worshiper to wish them all better fortune.

His hobbies are traveling and horse racing. He owns popular horses like Takamatunomiya anniversary G1 winner Copa no Richard, and February stakes G1 winner Copa no Rickey. 

Also known as the owner of Love-me-chan, the representative horse of 2009 and 2013 in local horse racing.

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