Lucky events

Travel to Lucky directions

April is the month of large luck lucky direction position.

It is the month to boost your dream.

Let's go to Lucky directions, and showered the morning sun in the crotch, go to the hot spring,

step on the earth with bare feet, drink water,

By visit the shrines and temples, and take pictures, buy souvenirs,

Let's eat the food that has been grown in the land.

Omotesando Illumination

Omotesandō was originally created in the Taishō era as the frontal (表, Omote) approach (参道, Sandō) to Meiji Shrine.

Today, Omotesandō is known as one of the foremost 'architectural showcase' streets in the world, featuring a multitude of fashion flagship stores within a short distance of each other.

Omotesando Illumination (表参道イルミネーション) is one of the winter light illumination at Harajuku. Over 900,000 lights are decorated at the Keyaki Avenue of Omotesando. "Sending energy, smile and happiness from Harajuku is the purpose of this illumination.

Ninamesai (harvest festival) at the Ise-jingu shrine

Japan has been celebrating a fall harvest with an ancient Shinto ceremony called Niinamesai, which literally means “the festival of new crops.”Japan was historically known as Mizuho no Kuni, the land of golden ears of rice. Niinamesai is one of the most important rituals of the country in which the Emperor on behalf of the people makes the season’s first offering to the gods and gives thanks for the harvest. Niinamesai was once celebrated in every farming and fishing village where people dedicate the year’s harvest to the shrines in each region. In other words, it was a major national event for both the Emperor and people to share the joy of harvest bestowed by the gods. With respect for the original significance of Niinamesai, we should renew our appreciation for food and spread the spirit of this celebration to as many people as possible.

Moon gazing

Japanese people appreciate the full moon in autumn, and
traditionally offer rice dumplings and Japanese pampas grass, seasonal fruits to the moon.

This year’s Chushu-no-meigetsu(the most beautiful full moon) will appear on September 8.

Full moon has the power to raise your fortune in love and human relations. The golden shimmer also symbolizes the luck with money. 

Enjoying Sake while gazing at the moon will raise you luck with money, and makes the household harmonious.

Drink up the Sake after reflecting the moon inside the cup.

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